Amy Fennell

Amy hails from southern Ontario, where she spent most of her formative years watching, studying and eventually working with animals, initially at a veterinary clinic and eventually at the University of Guelph, where she got her start with both birds of prey and environmental education at the Wild Bird Clinic. Formerly the Raptor Centre Lead at Mountsberg Conservation Area, Amy worked with a variety of non-avian wildlife while in Canada, including native insectivorous bats and both native and non-native reptiles and amphibians. She was thrilled to move south and join the Natural Encounters, Inc team on a full-time basis in April 2014, and most recently served as team lead for the ‘Magnificent Macaws’ experience at the Indianapolis Zoo. Amy has been certified as a professional bird trainer (CPBT-KA) by the International Avian Trainers Certification Board (IATCB) and is always looking forward to the next great avian adventure!

Megan Geddes

Born and raised in the great white North, Megan is yet another Canadian to make it into the NEI team and escape the snow and cold winters. Growing up on a small hobby farm in Ontario, her passion for animals started at a young age. Caring for a variety of barnyard species, you could find her occasionally doing her own version of a bird show with her “eagle” (aka chicken) perched on her arm. In high school she volunteered at Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre, where she was surprised to discover a passion and fascination for birds. Further continuing her education, she majored in Zoology at the University of Guelph, where she joined the school’s Wildlife Club and even travelled to Vietnam to study Entomology. While still in school, Megan additionally worked for African Lion Safari, in the bird department for 3 years. Here, she found a passion for inspiring the public about environmental education and conservation through the daily shows and encounters. Megan was hired by NEI in December of 2014, and has since been apart of NEI teams in Orlando, Chicago and most recently Indianapolis! 

Indianapolis Zoo free flying macaws

Watch the video on the work Amy and Megan have been doing with macaws at the Indianapolis Zoo